Reading Slump

I’ve been pretty absent lately and that’s because I haven’t been reading and when I don’t read, I withdraw from the bookish community. I’m going to partially blame my friend (but not really) for this…let me explain:

My friend who I recommended the Throne of Glass series to, finished Queen of Shadows before me. I preordered QoS and started it the day I got it. I made it about 20% in and gave up because I didn’t like the characterization of a certain character. At the beginning of the month, in order to motivate me, we made a deal. I agreed that if I didn’t finish QoS by the end of the month that I would buy her a pizza. Well, the end of the month is here and I read maybe 15% of the book.

I felt so obligated to read QoS, that I didn’t feel like I could read anything else until I finished QoS. Now that the month is over and I already owe a pizza, I feel much more motivated to read. I hope that I’ll pick something up soon because it’s been weird not reading. Fingers crossed.