Book Buying

My name is Samantha and I have a book buying problem. There. I said it. I know this is something that plenty of book bloggers or book lovers in general struggle with, but I’ve been buying an excessive amount of books lately. If I’m upset or feeling down – I buy books. Basically, whatever emotion I’m feeling – I buy books.

One of my resolutions for the new year is to buy less books so I focus more on reading the books that I already own. I know myself and I know it’s not possible to expect myself to buy no books this year, but I think I’m going to try the whole “read five before you buy” thing that I saw going around last year. Not only will this motivate me to read the books that I already own, but it’ll cut back on my spending.

Of course there are going to be exceptions to this goal of mine, but I figure if I lay things out, I’ll feel obligated to be true to what I said. The only time I’ll break the read five before you buy goal is if I get gift cards for occasions OR if a sequel comes out in a series that I’m caught up with. THAT’S IT. Wish me luck!

Have any of your guys done the read five before you buy thing? Or how do you cut down on your book buying while also making a dent in the books that you already own?


One thought on “Book Buying

  1. Best of luck! 😀
    Haha, but in all honestly, I’ve never had this problem because I don’t really buy books. It’s rare when I do. So, unfortunately, I can’t share in the struggle, but I have seen that people to find it hard and place themselves on bans, etc.

    I think the read five, then buy is a good idea. You could probably share your experiences here! Last year, I found some reading bingo cards. It’s sort of like a read five, then buy. If you get bingo you could reward yourself with a book, etc. etc.


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