Bout of Books Challenge: Rainbows

b385ad3d-5380-4a7a-8b55-c6513cf2208c.jpgToday is day three of Bout of Books and I’ve hardly done any reading, so why not do another challenge??!

Today’s challenge is being hosted by Rebecca from Ranty Runt of a Reader and the challenge is to either make a rainbow with books or to list authors surnames using ROYGBIV. I figured, why not do both?!??

R – Rowling, J.K.
O – Orwell, George
Y – Yoon, Nicola
G – Green, John
B – Burroughs, Augusten
I – Ishiguro, Kazuo
V – Vaughan, Brian K.

I’ve read books by all of these authors (besides Ishiguro) and loved them! I did, however, just get Never Let Me Go and I can’t wait to read it!


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